Panther roaming around St. Albans

On the 17th of MArch 2017, a panther was reported to be seen running within the fields of St. Albans. Click here to find out more.

Wildlife inspectors

Wildlife Inspectors are a panel of part-time, fee-paid, home based Inspectors located throughout the UK who work on behalf of the Bristol based Compliance Team. Each member of the Compliance Team is also a Wildlife Inspector.

The role of Wildlife Inspectors is to undertake inspections of customers/stakeholders involved commercially with CITES species and keepers of Schedule 4 birds and to support law enforcement agencies to ensure that the appropriate legislation is being followed.

How do they work?
Wildlife Inspectors are recruited mainly for their expertise in species identification. All inspections are generated, monitored and controlled by the Compliance Team within an overall risk-based inspection strategy.

Wildlife Inspectors are granted legal powers in certain circumstances.

  • powers of entry to the premises of traders, importers and exporters of endangered species under CITES
  • powers of entry to the premises of keepers of birds listed on Schedule 4 (Annex 3) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
  • powers to require the taking of a sample from a specimen under CITES or listed on Schedule 4

In addition, Wildlife Inspectors provide specialist assistance in identification of species in support of the Police and United Kingdom Border Force.

What do inspections cover?
The Wildlife Inspectors Code of Practice sets out how Inspectors should conduct themselves during inspections.