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Workplace Stress Legal Advice

Q) I have encountered a number of issues with my employer as a result of my workplace conditions and this is beginning to cause make significant amount of stress, where will I find expert legal advice about my position in terms of pursuing a claim against the company responsible for failing to protect my mental health?

A) When you reported to the issues to your employer did they take any steps to reduce the amount of stress you were being exposed to in the workplace? If you did report the incident to your employer but they did not act upon your complaints, it is extremely likely that they can be held responsible for the symptoms of stress you developed as a consequence.

Your employer has a duty of care towards you and they must to protect your best interests, this includes ensuring you are not exposed to dangerous levels of stress in the workplace.

Every employer should have a procedure in place whereby employees who feel they are suffering from excessive amounts of stress can report their concerns.

It is your employer’s duty to prevent you from developing a psychological illness and there should be procedures in place in your workplace to reflect this.

What are the conditions like at your workplace?

Have you been subjected to adverse conditions in your workplace and has this caused you a significant amount of stress – do you need expert legal advice from a professional that specialises in this particular area of law?

If adverse working conditions have contributed or caused you to develop a stress-related illness, you are legally entitled to pursue a claim for compensation. Work Stress Claims are more than happy to assist you throughout the entire claims process from the moment you contact us to the moment you receive your compensation award.